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EMIR Ethical Foie Gras : innovation in harmony with tradition

I co-created EMIR Ethical Foie Gras with 2 Malaysian friends, Nashad Emir and Victor Siow, in order to set up the first organic and ethical fat duck meat production unit in a Muslim country (no force feeding torture, no medication, no chemical bird food).

It is a sustainable social business based on agricultural research, willing to impact the Kelantanese Muslim Community in various positive ways: self-sufficiency, self-entrepreneurship, level of life's improvement.

The project is still in its R&D phase, testing an innovative and non-damaging feeding method for Muscovy ducks (Itik Serati in Bahasa Malay language): the goal is to create new producing and exporting opportunities for farmers as well as to improve local self-sufficiency.

In order to ensure quality and authenticity, we have to set up both an experimental farm and a slaughtering unit adapted to fat ducks. The modernity of these units respects traditional Muslim values and Culture. The challenge is more human than technical: if our feeding method has been elaborated with much precision, it had to be taught to a population with strongly established habits. Once the farmers made sure that we had the Malaysian Halal commission's agreement, they played along and showed great interest in French made duck products, which enabled the start of a very constructive collaboration.

Thanks to this social business, we hope to enable agricultural employees from this rural area to become self-entrepreneurs. As project managers, we will provide them the needed training in business management.

Our R&D phase was interrupted by the Covid-19 crisis. To be continued, wishing that a full catalogue of gastronomic products can be launched during 2022!


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