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Ecological Innovation Research

* chasing lures of Green marketing and Green washing

* apprehending the reality and veracity of climate change

* ecological vs political

* ecological sovereignty and self-sufficiency

* the path to real sustainability and its benefits to all population classes

* new recycling techniques

* organic farming and permaculture

* morality of carbon credit business

Cultural legacy vs Artistic Creation

artistic creation's part in historical events

* social and political commitment in artistic creation

* cultural education vs creativity

* conjunction between aesthetics and message

* artistic expression as a mean of progress and emancipation

Linguistics: a History barometer

* Linguistics as an observatory of migratory flows

* Linguistics as a reflect of historical and geopolitical events

* relations between languages, cultures and beliefs

* role of artistic creation in preserving and (re)developing languages

* South East Asia, a unique melting-pot of languages and cultures

Graphic Design

* conception of this website

* conception of all my events' flyers and posters

* conception of my own logos and logos for other businesses

 Creative F&B

* pairing events mixing entertainment and food

* food spectacle

* conception of creative fusion recipes mixing Cultures with a Chef

* passionate amateur cook

Popularisation of Science

* as part of my job as a business developer of environmental projects

* create a communicative link between researchers, engineers, investors, social leaders and general public

* encourage scientific discovery and knowledge through a better understanding

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