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The will to share and transmit

I always wished to share both my experience, discoveries and projects, if they could be of interest to anyone. To me, solitary work is seldom efficient.

Independent observers, even laymen or people considered gullible, have always been able to bring new ideas, at least complementary views that are necessary to a project's achievement. It is the essence of surveys.

Music brought me a lot of pleasure and also the incomparable satisfaction of reaching group harmony. Quincy Jones, the American legendary producer said one day: "a music conductor has the expertise of a business tycoon". I could verify this several times and I rapidly understood that empathy and synergy were some of management's essential values.

I have had versatile experience as an entrepreneur, freelance worker or manager, in which I had to train and manage employees, to coach artists or executive, to create team-building concepts. Moulding group harmony is fascinating, so is enhancing specific talents inside a working team.

I am often asked what my most significant working success would be so far. Without hesitating, I talk about the 3 Cambodian ladies who joined my service team in the Jazz Club I created and ran in Phnom Penh. Back in 2009, I was the first to train and motivate them, and 10 years later, they all have managing positions in various fields, always referring to me as their mentor.

Creating a school of musicals in Paris was also a rich experience, both challenging and emotional. Knowing that nowadays this school has become the number one reference in France for its quality of teaching and professional entertaining level, is purely joyful.

Today, as a 55 year-old worker, I feel like sharing and transmitting my experience even more.

The magic of transmitting is that we can teach others and learn from them at the same time. It is a never ending circular improvement.


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